What is a UV Water Filtration System?

Although it has been around for over one hundred years, the actual concept of purifying water through ultraviolet (UV) light exposure is steeped in mystery. The average consumer of the device is entirely oblivious to how it works. It typically requires someone with a solid knowledge of biology, physics, and chemistry to understand it.

UV-C is a very damaging and compelling form of ultraviolet light; so much so that when a living cell is exposed to it, the light penetrates through the cell and damages the DNA of the organism. DNA is responsible for orchestrating activities within all living cells, and all cells must have DNA that is intact to function properly. DNA’s structure is quite similar to a ladder that has been twisted from both ends resulting in a spiral appearance and is sometimes referred to as a double helix since all DNA is composed of two molecules. UV water filter systems use this to their advantage.

The result of cell reproduction is two identical cells, each with a functional copy of DNA as well as all of the other necessary structures for the cell to function. This is true for human cells as well as for plants, animals and the bacteria and viruses that can sometimes be found in drinking water. For DNA to replicate, a unique protein travels its length and splits it in half. Using the ladder analogy, this protein then travels down the ladder and splits each rung along the way. What results are two separate molecules that each resembles a side of a ladder? During normal DNA replication, the protein travels down the ladder and as each rung is split, each side is immediately rebuilt. What results are two identical strands of DNA; one for each of the resulting cells.

Ultraviolet-C light can penetrate through cells and attack the DNA inside them. UV-C fuses some of the rungs of the ladder together. After the DNA of a cell has been exposed to enough ultraviolet-C light and some of the DNA levels have been fused, the protein that is responsible for splitting the DNA cannot do its job. As it encounters a fused rung, it just stops completely, and the replication stops along with it. This keeps the cell from being able to reproduce. Therefore, a viral or bacterial cell that can’t reproduce is also not capable of causing an infection. To say it another way, if a viral or bacterial cell cannot reproduce, then it can’t make anyone sick.

Manufacturers of UV water filter systems produce varying sizes of filters to address different water conditions and flow rates. A slower water flow rate means that the water that is undergoing treatment stays in the filtering system for a longer period. For best water softener with higher flow rates, a longer UV lamp is required to make sure that the dose of ultraviolet light is adequate. There are a few manufactures of UV systems that offer goods that may be serviced without tools. This can be a major plus for your homeowner who is going to become maintaining the system himself. Understand that you’ll want to get rid of the quartz sleeve for cleaning periodically all of which will ought to take away the lamp once a year to improve it. Some UV systems allow it to be quite simple to eliminate the lamp but extremely hard to remove the quartz sleeve having to break it. A broken sleeve is surely an expense and also a major inconvenience – you will not be able to turn the river back on until it is often replaced.

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