5 Most Important Benefits Of Drinking Clean Water

Water is essential for life. It contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients and its benefits for the body are widely acknowledged. So Why do we need water? There are so many reasons why drinking clean water is important. Here are 5 Most Important Benefits Of Drinking Clean Water.

1. It Prevents Diseases and Treats Some Chronic Ailments

Drinking clean water keeps you healthy in the long run. First, you reduce chances of contracting water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery etc. It also ensures that your mouth and eyes remain moist as they should be. Well, moist healthy eyes and mouth are able to repel dust, dirt, and parasites that might cause infections.

Drinking adequate clean water keeps the digestive system strong for proper food digestion leading to a strong immune system. Inadequate water in the digestive system leads to constipation and other severe digestive problems.

Also, some ailments can be treated or their severity reduced by just taking 8-10 glasses of water daily. They include;

· Insomnia as the brain needs water to produce melatonin.

· Arthritis & joint problems because water helps to lubricate the joints.

· Depression since adequate amounts of water helps the brain to produce serotonin.

· Lymphoma and leukemia. Drinking plenty of clean water helps the body to produce adequate amounts of immune and blood cells which are essential in treating leukemia and lymphoma.

2. Clear and Healthy Skin

Drinking clean water in adequate amounts daily helps the body to flush out waste products and toxins from tissues which can be seen in the form of a clear healthy skin. Most people who have dry/dull skin or are suffering from certain types of skin conditions are usually encouraged to drink more water. Having sufficient fluid in the body helps in replenishing of skin tissues, hydration of skin cells and maintaining of skin elasticity.

3. Aids in Weight Loss

A lot of people would love to reduce their weight and they could basically increase their chances of success by drinking clean water. It is the best replacement to use in place of high-calorie drinks such as sodas, fizzy sugary drinks, smoothies, and alcohol.

Some people tend to eat a lot when they are thirsty rather than hungry. One way to avoid overeating is by taking water before meals. It will end up occupying a lot of space in the stomach and you will end up eating less food and reducing the amount of calories intake. Reducing the number of calories your body is required to take in will mean that the body burns more calories than what it gains consequently leading to weight loss.

Water is also a solvent for many metabolic reactions in the body. Taking the right amount of water, especially in chilled or iced form boosts the rate of metabolism. The faster the metabolic rate, the quicker the weight loss.

4. Temperature Regulation

One of the most important reasons why the body requires sufficient and clean water is for temperature regulation. Body temperature regulation is achieved by the thermal properties of water and through the release of heat via sweat.

5. Improves Concentration

Water improves the level of concentration in a person because the brain consists mostly of water. Drinking clean water helps to maintain the body’s fluid levels which are good for concentration, mental alertness and doing of analytical tasks.

What Makes a Good Sci-Fi Movie?

Science fiction is a genre that has been explored by movie makers since more than three decades now. Some movies have completely grasped our attention and took us on an unforgettable ride. Not every one of us likes sci-fi movies but some of us are die hard fans who need a dose of science fiction every once in a while just to drool over it. It takes an immense amount of technological backing and superb storytelling to portray a successful sci-fi movie. But there are various factors that count in to create a good sci-fi movie. Let’s explore what makes a good sci-fi movie and how have movies fared in the past.


A Great Story Depiction

A good story is what holds every movie together and no matter what the genre is, the movie needs to have a gripping storyline. Especially for the sci-fi movies where the context is completely fictional, imaginary and beyond normal understanding, the storyline needs to be engaging enough. If not, they will not make sense to the audience and they might lose interest pretty soon. You can also watch some highly successful sci-fi movies of the past in an app called ShowBox, learn more about the application and explore sci-fi movies that have a good story depiction.

High Tech Graphics

Graphics play a huge role in every sci-fi movie; they are what make the movie worth watching and some top notch graphics is needed by all kinds of sci-fi movies. Recall any good sci-fi movie of the past and you will know that they depended a lot on graphical manipulations to make things believable. It is one of the most important elements of sci-fi movies and as there are technological advancements in the field of cinema, the graphics will get a lot better and we will witness some really good VFX work in sci-fi movies.

Believable Actors

It may seem that actors don’t matter much in sci-fi movies but it is completely false. To enact something of the imaginary world and make it believable for the audience is a tough task to do. Very few actors have been able to portray a sci-fi character and completely nailed it in the process. For a good sci-fi movie, it is extremely important for actors to be great and understand the portrayal to make themselves believable in front of the audience.

Great Sci-fi Movies

Some of the best sci-fi movies include the 1985 classic “Back to the Future”, which was probably one of the first films to talk about the concept of time travel which has become a popular theme these days. “Star Wars” is another sci-fi movie franchise which is probably loved throughout the world for its amazing characters and story. “The Matrix” is a modern day movie which showed the technological prowess and storytelling together to create some amazing movie watching experience. If you haven’t watched all these movies, it is high time you do it through MovieBox app, of which an updated version has just been released by the developers and it will give you a great movie watching experience.

Senate smacks AP, Gore down

The AP recently ran an ad for an article about Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, claiming that scientists gave the scare-fest two thumbs up. The nation‘s top climate scientists are giving “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore ‘s documentary on global warming, five stars for accuracy.